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Club Leagues

Men’s Tuesday Swingers League
The Men’s Tuesday morning league is an 18-hole league that plays a variety of team and individual competitions with weekly prizes.  The league offers a list of players from all skill levels.  The annual league fee is $70.00 per player and is open to MCC members interested in a fun yet competitive 18-hole weekday league.  Please contact league chairman Tom Reese for more information – [email protected]

Men’s Thursday Night League
The Men’s Thursday Night League format is a 2-player, round-robin 9-hole league that runs from May to end of August.There are two flights or more that are made up with 6-7 teams per flight, depending on participation.  Members can register as a twosome or single and the golf shop staff will do their best to find you a partner.  For more information, please contact the golf shop staff, 860.646.0226 x1.  The deadline to register for this year’s league is Sunday April 30th.

The entry fee is $65.00 per player with proceeds going to 1st place and runner-up teams in each flight.

Weekend Porch Tournaments
The weekend porch tournaments run every Saturday and Sunday on the first tee for both the men’s and women’s division.  Members can sign up on the first tee, the morning of, with an entry fee of $5.00 per game with up to two games daily.  All proceeds are given to the flight winners in the form of golf shop prizes throughout the season.

Women’s Division & Tournaments
The Manchester Country Club Women’s division play every Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.  For more information, please contact co-chairs Donna Viestart and Nancy Pierro.
[email protected] /[email protected]

Women’s Tuesday Night League
The Women’s Tuesday Night League play every Tuesday from the beginning of May through the end of August.  The league is open to all female members & guests.  MCC member fee is $70.00 and Non-member fee is $110.00 for the season.  Please contact league chair Janet Choutka for more information – [email protected]

Hole-In-One Club
All members of MCC will be charged a one-time annual fee of $10.00 on their March statement.  This fee was put in place after feedback from our membership in recent years.  Any member who records an attested hole-in-one, any day of the week, will have a Hollow cafe credit of up to $250.00 on the day of your hole-in-one.  The $250 credit must include tip.  The credit can only be used towards beverages, not food.

Any remaining funds in the hole-in-one account will be communicated to the membership and earmarked towards golf course beautification/capital improvements.